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Element Town • Custom Mumble Server and Client
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Custom Mumble Server and Client

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:22 am
by moltendorf
You may be wondering, what is Mumble? Well, I will tell you. Mumble is like TeamSpeak 3, just like TeamSpeak 3 is like Ventrilo. Why do we want it though? Well, I will tell you. Let's have a simple feature comparison.

Ventrilo 3
  • Currently the most popular group voice server and client.
    It gained this popularity by having better quality and being more polished than TeamSpeak 2 (notice, that's a two, we currently run three).
  • No opinion on permission system (I've never administrated a Ventrilo server).
  • Least features of the three.
  • Lowest voice quality of the three.
  • Good performance.
  • Looks better than Mumble.
  • Most expensive of the three.
TeamSpeak 3
  • Best permission system of the three.
  • Most features of the three.
  • Much better voice quality than Ventrilo, but just shy of competing with Mumble.
  • Good performance.
  • Best looking of the three.
  • Costs money for commercial use only (which we will technically be in the near future). Less expensive than Ventrilo when used in a commercial environment.
  • Decent permissions system.
  • Has slightly more features than Ventrilo.
  • Best voice quality of the three. In fact, its codec is so robust it even sounds better than HE-AAC (iTunes format) at its high rates.
  • Best performance.
  • Worst looking of the three.
  • Open source. Which means free. Which also means that everything said above about Mumble not being the best in a category is completely false. We can change everything about this software, adding more features, adding better permission systems, making it look better. But I'm not touching the audio codec as it's amazing.
Now that we have the basics of what's different between the three...

What are we changing?

Let's start with the permissions system...

We will be using an advanced permissions system custom tailored for Element Town consisting of a combination of ranks, permissions, and options. The reasoning behind this permission system is that in our current setup, we cannot conditionally determine if someone is allowed to do something; everything is set in stone, and uses a power system; i.e. if your move power is greater than their needed move power, you can move them. What will this allow us to do? Things we could only dream of before.

  • We will have two types of ranks: server ranks and channel ranks.
  • Server ranks will persist across the server, it does not matter which channel you're in.
  • Channel ranks only apply to the channel you're in.
  • Ranks are mutually exclusive. You may only have one of each type. One server rank for the entire server. One channel rank for each channel.
  • Ranks are persistent, they have no timers, and are manually rewarded or revoked by administrators and moderators.
  • We will also have two types of permissions: server permissions and channel permissions.
  • Like server ranks, server permissions will persist across the server.
  • Like channel ranks, channel permissions only apply to the channel you're in.
  • Unlike server ranks, server permissions may be cancelled out by negative channel permissions.
  • Unlike ranks, permissions are not mutually exclusive. Administrators may grant you multiple server permissions or remove them. Channel moderators may grant you multiple channel permissions or remove them.
  • Unlike ranks, permissions can be be persistent, but they may also be timed.
  • Options are sort of like permissions, except that you set them.
  • Options can allow others to, or prevent others from, performing actions on you.
  • Options can be set per person, per channel, or be applied to everyone.
  • Like permissions, options can be persistent, but they may also be timed.
Now that you know the permissions system, on to what sort of ranks, permissions, and options there will be . . .

[Not quite done yet.]

Now, permissions are great and all, but what about features, what will we be able to do?
  • Queued push to talk. It'll be possible to set your channel to only allow one person to transmit at a time. If you try and transmit while someone else is, your message will be captured and transmitted at the next available time. The maximum length of time someone can transmit for will also be configurable.
I'll be adding more details to this post as we come up with proposed additions to the Mumble client . . . :D

Re: Custom Mumble Server and Client

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:38 pm
by Balhockey
Lies and slanders

Re: Custom Mumble Server and Client

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2012 7:19 pm
by moltendorf
I've added an overview of our Ranks, Permissions, and Options system. More details to come! :D